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Participant Information

The 24th Nagano Marathon

The 24th Nagano Marathon will be held on condition that:

  1. no measures such as the state of emergency or preventive measures with movement restrictions is issued in Nagano Prefecture since one month before the date of the race.
  2. the event is approved by the local government of the venue (Nagano Prefecture and Nagano City) and well informed.
  3. the manual for preventing the spread of infection of Covid-19 is organized.
  4. there are no cases in which the Organizing Committee judges that it is difficult to hold a safe marathon tournament.

About Priority Entry

For Foreign runners, the Nagano Marathon Organizing Committee decides not to accept the application of entries from overseas for the 24th Nagano Marathon. However, foreign runners who is currently living in Japan and had also applied for 22nd (2020) Nagano Marathon can apply for this time. (Priority Entry) The image of residence card valid as of 17th April, 2022 must be uploaded to the entry website.

The priority entry for the participants of the 22nd will be carried over to the next race if the runner does not apply for the 24th Nagano Marathon.

If the quota (10,000 runners including Japanese runners and 50 visually impaired runners) is not met, general entry may happen.

  • Entry Period:
    from 10:00a.m on Wednesday, 1st December, 2021 to 11:59p.m on Thursday, 9th December, 2021 (JST)
  • Special Entry Fee:
    11,200 Japanese Yen
    *Charity-Entry (12,200 yen) will also be accepted.
  • Payment Period:
    from 17th January, 2022 to 21st January, 2022


  • It will be an official entry when the payment of the entry fee is confirmed.
  • From the 24th tournament, the general entry fee will be revised to 14,300 Japanese yen (tax included), which is an increase of 2,200 Japanese yen (tax included) from the conventional entry fee.
    Priority entry can be applied at a special participation fee discounted by 3,100 Japanese yen (11,200 Japanese yen).
  • All donations received through charity entry will be donated to Nagano branch of Japanese Red Cross Society.

About Covid-19 infection prevention measures

  1. Submission of health check sheet
    Participants will be asked to check their physical condition using the designated "health check sheet" from two weeks before the competition, and submit at the registration venue (Big Hat at Nagano City) on Saturday, 16th April, 2022. If any of the items in the check sheet are applicable, you will be asked to refrain from participation in the tournament. In addition, the Organizing Committee will not accept participation if the runner does not submit the sheet or if there is any false statement on it.
  2. Implementation of Body Temperature Checks
    Body temperatures will be measured at the registration venue on the day before the race, the shuttle bus stop and the start venue on the race day. If a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher is confirmed, admission to the registration hall and participation in the race will be refused.
  3. Wearing mask other than when running
    Be sure to wear a mask before the start, after the finish, when using the toilet on the course, etc., except when running in the race.
  4. Start block alignment for social-distancing
    Alignment with a physical distance of 1 square meter per person will be carried out. Since the start area will be expanded, the starting time will be 8:20a.m., which is 10 minutes earlier than the conventional 8:30 a.m. Please follow the instructions of the guide.
  5. About vaccination
    If you can, please get Covid-19 vaccination before the race as much as possible.
  6. In the case of changes of the tournament management or cancelation of the race
    Depending on the infection status of Covid-19, there is a possibility that the measures of infection prevention and tournament management may be changed or the race may be canceled. The organizer will keep you updated through the official website or SNS, so please check out. If the race is unavoidably canceled, the countermeasures will be discussed considering the costs incurred by the time the cancellation is decided according to the Participation Rules (1).
  7. In the case that a state of emergency or preventing measures are issued
    If you live in an area where a state of emergency or preventing measures have been issued two weeks before the event (3rd April), you will be asked to decline participation. In that case, the entry fFee will be dealt with in accordance with the Participation Rules (1).

*The points described in this guideline may be added or mitigated depending on the infection status of Covid-19 and requests from Japanese government or local governments.
Please understand the points above before your entry.